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IP Security and Surveillance cameras

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    IP Security and Surveillance cameras

    > RosTech® was founded in July 1967 and is a recognized leader in the provision of full spectrum surveillance and security solutions to all types of businesses and industries.

    > RosTech® cameras are the latest digital cameras and use the latest technology.

    > RosTech® cameras work on their own IP network and do not require internet to be used or operated. The only requirement for internet- is if you wish to watch, monitor and operate the cameras from a smart-phone or a computer anywhere in the world.

    > All RosTech® cameras have night vision, and have been weather tested for harsh climates and elements.

    > RosTech® cameras will work up to a 2 mile radius (within line of sight). If line of sight is not possible, we have options and solutions where you can add extra access points and extend the radius while eliminating the line of sight issue.

    > Any older/wired- analog cameras- can be used with our RosTech® HYBRID NVR units bringing your system up to date with our newer digital cameras allowing you to continue to use your older analog cameras.

    > RosTech® offers lifetime tech and sales support with a one year product warranty on every product purchase. (extended warranties available)

    Call or email today; to learn more about our cameras and systems.

    We have a system from Rostec, their service and support is terrible to say the least. We have the one camera that went down they did not want to try and fix it just sell us another one. We found a place in Edmonton that tried to help us but found out cameras are from China can't get any support or parts from them so that is $1600 down the drain.


      I have had a couple of Rostech cameras back in the day, and I can tell you that they were... really bad. And when I am saying really bad, I mean more than just terrible, and I can relate perfectly to bullshead, however I have spent more than 1600 buck on those sh*tty cameras! Even more, I could not connect them to my security system, which is one of the best systems for private houses. That is exactly why I decided to throw them away, and ask the guys from https://www.ccsecurityservices.co.uk/ https://www.ccsecurityservices.co.uk/ for some good cameras.
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