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Crop insurance

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    Crop insurance

    How is crop insurance doing for everyone?
    Claims getting dealt with or delayed?

    In this province they will wait until it's too late to seed to determine what the old crop is worth.

    I could never figure out how you guys in the wet fall for that crap. The wet last year caused the crop to be out so give option to destroy it as soon as you can so as to be able to seed properly the next year. But it's all a ploy to let it devalue so as to not pay nothing for wildlife damage etc. The weather last year caused the damage not the weather this spring. You insure last years crop last year not this year.
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      It's difficult to manage around their obstacles once but when you are up against it 2 years in a row it's that much more of a challenge, we are way to passive.
      If the public only knew the horseshit policies that are forced on us.


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