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the end off milkquota

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    the end off milkquota

    with the u-s free trade deal coming up ! we see milkprice finally coming down in the store,in Canada.
    it happened in Europa and every one is getting bigger and milking by robots there, and more monopoly .
    price at the taxpayer came down.
    same affect is going to happened here ! milk quota in alberta is not normal any more !
    4 million and more for 100 cows, just that paper to have control to milk and guaranteed cost plus investment.
    not fair to start for any farmer! every dairy farmer can start feedlot beside ,as many have for free
    so where is free enterprice with this monopoly milking !
    yes time is running out and get rid off this high price quota !!!!!

    Just a thought Ag-boy. So how much would it cost a young guy to get into a sustainable grain farming operation based on the assumption that all equipment purchases would be used stuff? But no guarantee roi on investment. Ag has become a rich mans game.


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