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Raw Milk

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    Raw Milk

    Ontario has turned back the clock.

    Excerpt from The Canadian Press.

    NEWMARKET, Ont. — An Ontario farmer raised a glass of milk in celebration outside court today after being found not guilty of 19 charges related to selling unpasteurized milk.

    Michael Schmidt, who operates a raw milk co-op, defended himself last year against the charges for dispensing milk straight from the cow.

    "I hope that we can move into a dialogue where even more people enjoy raw milk," Schmidt said after the verdict, holding a glass of milk as his supporters cheered.

    The Durham, Ont., farmer operates a 150-cow raw milk co-operative venture, which allows members to own a portion of the cow to acquire raw milk.

    Schmidt was charged under the Health Protection and Promotion Act and the Milk Act after an armed raid by about two dozen officers and government officials at his farm in 2006.

    Justice of the peace Paul Kowarsky, who ruled the cow-share program is exempt from the legislation, said the case was part of a "search for contemporary justice."

    While raw milk is legal to drink, it's illegal to sell in Canada, since health officials consider it a health hazard.

    Schmidt said he never intended to "circumvent the law but to work with the law to provide people with what they need."

    In his ruling, Kowarsky said the cow-share members are "fully informed that the milk is not pasteurized," adding the milk is not marketed or sold for consumption to the general public but only to members.

    Kowarsky said his own research showed cow shares exist worldwide.

    At trial, Schmidt argued that government officials and food scientists cannot guarantee the safety of any food, and suggested informed consumers should be able to buy raw milk if they so choose.

    Food scientists and health experts testified that mandatory pasteurization laws are needed to protect public health.

    Copyright © 2010 The Canadian Press. All rights reserved

    What's next...sale of raw meat from ranchers without inspection?


      I'm currently down in Nebraska for the winter, and I came across a rancher/dairyman, by word of mouth, who sells unpasturized, grassfed milk. Damn it's good. He sells it as "Naturally Raw Organic Pet Food - Whole Milk". In this state, he's legal to sell it if you go directly to his ranch, but he's about 30 miles away from the largest centre of 3700 people. So he's been using his daughter's garage in that town as a depot and you just put money in a jar for payment. How's that for honesty and trust.


        Providing that the producer is a capable and conscientious producer, I see no problem with raw milk consumption. I drank raw milk for about twenty five years and couldn't see that it caused me any problems.

        The key factor in all of this is the producer. He/she must run a clean operation and recognize problems and correct same without intervention from regulators.


          That's more or less what this producer told me when I first talked to him. He mentioned how years ago there wasn't the sanitary practices and equipment, like stainless steel, that there is now. I'm on my 3rd or 4th gallon and I'm still in the same condition as I was prior to the first gulp. The only little hiccup was the first night when I brought it home, I drank a glassful right before bed and it kept me up half the night by not sitting well in my stomach. Nothing major, just gas I think. But like the guy who first told me about it, the raw milk is a living thing with all the bacteria in it. So my body just needed to adjust to it. Makes sense. Which it has quite well.


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