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    Originally posted by goalieguy847 View Post
    The silly part about it is that these tractors then get hours put on them in order to justify the payments of both the tractor and the vert till unit/ high speed tillage ( which might be the worst priced and over used piece of equipment we have access to...i saw a degelman protill being pulled around this fall on canola stubble.. on CANOLA stubble! What drill cant handle seeding into no till canola straw!!)

    ughh.. we truly are our own worst enemies half the time.
    Do you know how much a "Pro till" will cost you?

    Between 1 and 2 inches of topsoil in the ditch per year.


      Heard a 6 year 9570R had 800 hrs /year mainly due to Carting. Depreciated $1000's$.


        That’s my name Captain Kirkland good Vodka


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