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Brown Flax

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    Brown Flax


    Number 1 Brown flax
    $16.00 / bu
    Delivered MB
    April - June 2024

    Canadas Grain 2023 Corp.
    Louise Carduner :: (431) 734-7885

    LetsGo@CanadasGrain.com (LetsGo@CanadasGrain.com)
    Killarney, Manitoba
    www.CanadasGrain.com ([url]http://www.canadasgrain.com/[/url])

    ppl must have rocks in there head if they are selling flax for $16.00 and del to boot


      I was thinking the same thing helmach . Who would in there right mind would sell flax for anything less than 50% more than canola. Flax is obviously a dead market, who's market share will drop even further next year at these prices. I used to be a regular grower, but that was when flax was $14-18, and canola was $10-11. Doesn't make any sense at these price ratios. I guess thats the buyers prerogative, but dealing with specialty processors and the added risk should be worth extra as well.


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