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value of mf mixmill

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    value of mf mixmill

    have a mixmill i might sell but not sure of its value. its a small massey fergusson,i forget the model no. holds approx 80 -100 bu.

    it must be a late 70's or early 80's,it was bought new and i dont think it has sat outside for more than 5 nites since we had it.

    any of you cattle guys have a idea what it may be worth??


    I bought one similar to that for $900 about 12 years ago. They work good...belts are expensive but what isn't now-a-days.


      Mixmills are out of date, they make what we used to call "chop" which is dust or powder. Not good for cattle, imagine eating a fist full of bread baking flower when your really hungry.... Bloat!! With roller mills you just barely want to crack the seed and thats it,the goal is to minimize fines. I have seen very good NH mixmills sell for $500 lots of parts around for them.


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