Looking for my oppurtunity in Agricultutre

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Looking for my oppurtunity in Agricultutre

Nov 12, 2003 | 12:05 1 Hi i,m a landed immigrant new commer to canada,i,ve been here for 6 months and i live in hamilton,Ontario,i,m looking for a job in my field, knowing that i hold B.SC.in Agriculture with over 10 years experience in the field of fruit trees production,so ineed the start point over here so as not to loose my credentials .


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Jan 12, 2004 | 20:39 2 Ibra,
Welcome to Canada, I am a recent graduate who has been looking as well for work in the field of my passion, organic agriculture, some websites that have helped me find some work are; agricareers.com, agriculturejobs.com and the agri-labourpool.com
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