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Genetic Condition in Angus Cattle

AgrivilleAdmin Reply posted Aug 15, 2013 14:52      
Any thought on this? 
American Angus Association to Recognize New Genetic Condition

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per Reply posted Aug 15, 2013 19:59      
American Angus Association®  
Genetic Condition Update  
Developmental Duplication (08/12/13)  
A genetic condition has been identified and documented in Angus cattle from research initiated  
in Australia with Dr. Jon Beever at the University of Illinois. This condition, inherited as a  
simple recessive, has been designated as Developmental Duplication (DD).  
The A.I. organizations requested that the American Angus Association provide to the  
membership the identity of and preliminary test results for those 1,099 Angus bulls tested by Dr.  
Jon Beever of the University of Illinois to determine whether they were carriers or free of the  
mutation identified for this genetic condition.  
The Association Board of Director’s decision to provide that information to the membership is  
based in part on its understanding that the test used here was run on a set of animals requested by  
Dr. Beever from the A.I. organizations for research purposes and therefore remains preliminary  
in nature.  
Earlier this afternoon, the Board of Directors convened by phone to consider the implications of  
this genetic condition. At the conclusion of that meeting, President Trowbridge appointed a Task  
Force and directed it to report to the full Board as soon as practicable on how the Association  
should respond to this condition. In fulfilling that charge, the Task Force was asked to consider  
the best interests of the breed and the membership, the evolving scientific advances in the field  
of genetics, our membership’s ability to manage such conditions and the likelihood that the  
scientific community will continue to identify additional genetic conditions in all breeds in the  
We will keep you advised on the Board's approach as it occurs.  
For an update on the research by Dr. Beever, the list of the animals and their preliminary test  
results, please click here:

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